sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


The Internet evolution has been huge, and it affected a lot of people becoming part of their lives. On the one hand, a lot of teenagers are addicted to Internet and it is such a big problem! Students are lazier than before, and school failure is a reality.
On the other hand, Internet is a problem because is the biggest source of hacking and there are a lot of arguments about copyright because it is very difficult to control everything on the net.
Furthermore, a lot of companies have a huge dependence on technologies to manage their job and when it goes wrong, everything is so slow.
To sum up, it is true that spam, malware, new virus, phising, hackers, etc are so annoying... but everything has solutions and those are little things that don't hide the greatness of Internet, our best friend.
So my piece of advice is: be careful... but enjoy Internet!

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María Relaño Alberola dijo...

I totally agree with you Laura, nowadays we're all the day in front of a computer and, in the long run, I'm sure that we'll have problems in our eyes.

El blog de Tetuán por BeaBurgos dijo...

Thank you for having a positive view on it. Most of what I read about this subject were talking about how dreadful it is...

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