domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

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sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


The Internet evolution has been huge, and it affected a lot of people becoming part of their lives. On the one hand, a lot of teenagers are addicted to Internet and it is such a big problem! Students are lazier than before, and school failure is a reality.
On the other hand, Internet is a problem because is the biggest source of hacking and there are a lot of arguments about copyright because it is very difficult to control everything on the net.
Furthermore, a lot of companies have a huge dependence on technologies to manage their job and when it goes wrong, everything is so slow.
To sum up, it is true that spam, malware, new virus, phising, hackers, etc are so annoying... but everything has solutions and those are little things that don't hide the greatness of Internet, our best friend.
So my piece of advice is: be careful... but enjoy Internet!

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

New technologies

"It is time to change"

Information is the axle that promote changes in our society, our economy and our culture. Telecommunications are in peak, and because of that, technologies of communication and information have been developed. Their impact has affected to our economy and our culture, and of course, Internet is a revolutionary element, and it is essential to work, to study and to have fun. Those are the reasons to improve our technologies, and all of them have Internet inside.

One of the most popular invents nowadays are:

- A mobile phone announced by Microsoft. This project called "Project Pink" will compete with Apple and Google. It has touch screen and a new operative system, and it is considered the perfect one to young people becouse it has the possibility of connecting with social networks.

-iPad is the best way to enjoy the net, and its revolutionary design makes a real difference. Its touch screen has 9,7 inch, its weight is only 680g and it has a thickness of 13,4mm. It will be available in May!

-Skinput, your own skin will be yout touch screen. People from Carneigie Mellon University and Microsoft want to become our skin in a screen to use any kind of machine in our body. A bracelet will reflect a keyboard in our arm, and in this way, in a close future, your hand could be your iPhone!

-No words to speak. A German team in Karlsuhe is working a mobile phone that interprets our lips movements to generate a voice synthesis on the another phone. Our muscles will produce a silence communication, and our message will be received in text or in voice. It could be a new way of translation and even the perfect machine to dumb people.

-Surfing on Internet in our car without pushing any button. An Israeli enterprise has ivented a machine to our car. It offers every kind of information: news, mails, orientation instructions, look for places and people, music... only with our voice! Our car will be a Fantastic Car.

Change your mind!

It is so hard to adapt oneself, but is is worth without any doubt ;)

Social Networks

Social networks are one of the most important invents in the world of Internet. They have created a social revolution, and a human revolution too. We can say that they have changed our lives. Sometimes I can´t imagine my life and our world without them, because young people open their Tuenti, Facebook... immediately when they arrive at home. Maybe we are kind of addicted to them, but social networks provide us the contact with our friends when we are so far.

In our personal profile we can share videos, games, music and information with our friends. This kind of way of communication give us the possibility of knowing our friends better, see what they do, their pictures and the events that they organize.

With social networks you can find classmates that you don't see you were a child, and even recognise the guy who is cossing the street and even know his name without having talking with him before.

If you haven't got a profile in a social network... try it!

Be happy and enjoy Internet!

Internet and its advantages

Internet can provide us a lot of services and its tools give us the solution to our problems. We can consult encyclopedias, newspapers, telephone drectories, dictionaries and even read books. On the other hand, we can have access to libraries, shops... and if you want, you can ask for appointment to go to the doctor or the dentist. Did you know that you can book entirely your vacations with the flight, hotel and trips with Internet? Otherwise you can listen to music online, talk with your friends, watch movies and series, receive and send mails... you will find everything that you are looking for, even games and some interesting magazines and blogs that talk about topics that you will like.

Everything that you have in your mind is online.

Don't be offline any more and go to google! There you find everything that you are looking for.

Behappy... and enjoy Internet!

martes, 13 de abril de 2010